Dla International Agreements

We have experience in the preparation of legal opinions, employment contracts, service contracts, including for senior managers and foreign workers, structuring of benefit plans, company restructuring, outsourcing, business transfers, employment flexibility directives, collective redundancies, disciplinary proceedings, negotiation of employment contracts, work stoppage procedures, diligence and litigation and regulation. We work with our national and international clients, wherever they work to find solutions and manage the risks associated with their employment, incentives and retirement goals. The group has a significant global presence with more than 1000 lawyers worldwide, in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. This international reach provides security for companies wishing to operate across borders by offering a unique law firm that combines a market-leading international practice with specialized local expertise. No legal requirements. It is common for agreements to be in English. If the worker does not understand the language in which the agreement is concluded, the agreement must be confirmed. a judge or labour agent shall draw up a written document clarifying that the worker has given his or her voluntary consent to the contract and that his or her consent has not been obtained by coercion, undue influence, misrepresentation or error; the contract complies with the Labour Law; and that the person in charge of the work is satisfied that the worker has understood the contractual conditions before accepting it definitively. No legal requirements, and staff are often open to English agreements or guidelines.

However, it is advisable to design the employment contract in Portuguese (or to use a bilingual model), since in the event of a dispute, the courts need an official version or translation into Portuguese. Global Contract Laws offers a snapshot of the legal issues that businesses around the world may face. For more information about the areas covered, use the contact page and select on the map the country and the person you want to contact. All the lawyers mentioned on this site collaborate regularly in international cases and their common point of commercial approach is very appreciated. Written agreements must be concluded in the Indonesian language (using the Latin alphabet), since Article 28, paragraph 1, of Presidential Regulation No. 63 of 2019 on the use of the Indonesian language requires that the Indonesian language be used in official communication in the workplaces of government authorities and private bodies. The regulation is silent on sanctions for non-compliance. However, the use of the Indonesian language prevents employees from claiming that they do not fully understand the information or that they have not been properly informed by the company. Bilingual treaties can be prepared, but Indonesian language provisions are a priority.

We work with our clients locally, internationally and across borders. Our global reach and local knowledge means we can work with clients to promote consistency, achieve cost savings and help them identify and manage their priorities and risks in Angola and beyond. . . .