Office Lease Agreement Termination Letter

In accordance with our rental agreement, last month`s rent was paid in advance during our first month of occupancy. With your permission, we have made several improvements to the property. As you have agreed, these improvements are considered fixed and remain on site even after the evacuation of the office. We took great care of the property and leave the property clean and ready for the next tenant. We want to have the final control of the office in the last week of March. You can contact Mr. John to arrange an acceptable period for you. Feel free to call Mr. John or me if you have any questions. In this case, the terms of the rental agreement clearly define the intention and expectation of both parties that the tenant will use the premises as [nature of the activity]. Therefore, the mandatory restrictions for home stay of March 19, 2020 and the order [date of subsequent injunction that hinders activity] within the district [indicate county name] effectively thwarts the purpose of the rental agreement, as [tenant`s name] is not able to use the premises for specified purposes.

This also rendered the execution of the lease unenforceable if the only way for the tenant to do so at an unreasonable price, i.e. an exceptional loss guaranteed month after month. In addition, this letter should contain basic information, for example. B the address of the residence to which reference is made, the name of the tenant and other suffering parties, the name and contact of the lessor, the reason for the termination of the rental agreement, the date of termination, the signatures of the parties, etc. It is recommended that users who wish to write such a letter use our free and ready-to-use rental letter templates, available in different styles and formats below. Go 1 20000 and review the commercial lease letter templates. However, the departure of a contract creates uncertainty about the capacity of the other party, for example. B a lessor, to take legal action, to send you for recovery or to damage your creditworthiness. In order to avoid this risk, it is best to obtain a written settlement agreement according to which the other party (for example.

B the lessor) has fully released you from your obligations under conditions deemed acceptable to it.. . . .