Phlebotomy Services Agreement

The professional and trusted members of Hunt Medical Services, Inc. (HMS) take pride in the quality of their work. You take pride in meeting requirements and collecting, delivering and handling samples in a timely manner. We are leaders in Home Lab Draw services in DC, MD and VA metros. Any billing questions or issues for tests collected for this service should be directed to your insurance company or laboratory billing department. Payment for the services provided by Aneta`s Phlebotomie Services is collected the day before the appointment. Aneta`s Mobile Phlebotomy Services does not charge insurance companies, all claims must be filed by the customer, without money back guarantee. Hunt Medical Services, Inc. (HMS) offers on-site blood collection services from home or from the office. We have been in business since 2007. The less stress there is in space, the higher the success rate.

We almost always pass the first try, BUT it can sometimes take up to 3 tries, this must be understood. This is normal, especially with tiny veins and a moving target. We understand how stressful it can be for you and your child during the blood test, please understand how stressful it can be for us if we don`t have understanding parents. Aneta`s Mobile Phlebotomie Services requires patient information, a copy of the order and a copy of the insurance card (front and back) 48 hours before the scheduled date. If we do not receive the requested information during this period, the scheduled date will be deemed cancelled. This is extremely important so that we have enough time to prepare for the blood test and do our job properly. Please note that your insurance does not cover laboratory printing and transport. Security is very important. If you know that your child is becoming aggressive, if they are angry, difficult to draw or that they normally need more than one person to stand still, it is extremely important that you tell us, so that we can take precautions to have a safe and successful draw.

If your child has blood removed, you must play your part. It is important to keep them hydrated 24 hours before the scheduled blood test. Be careful, if an appointment needs to be cancelled, Aneta`s mobile phlebotomy services must be sent 24 hours in advance. You can contact us by phone or by e-mail or SMS. All sampling errors caused by Aneta`s mobile phlebotomy services (traction of false tubes, lack of satisfactory blood flow to collect the sample, etc.) are not billed to the patient or reassessed at no additional cost to the patient. Aneta`s mobile phlebotomy services are not responsible for errors that may occur in the laboratory….