Windows 7 Extended Support Enterprise Agreement

Microsoft runs a time-limited promotion for EA and EAS customers that grants them one year of extended Windows 7 security updates at no additional cost. This article is intended for IT professionals. For home use, see Windows 7 support, which ended on January 14, 2020. No. CSP customers should use their support partners or purchase a pay-per-incident plan through Microsoft Professional Support. A CSP that doesn`t hesitate to sell Windows 7 ESUs to small organizations is MessageOps. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Champion Solutions Group, based in Boca Raton, Florida, and serves as the cloud division for the group, providing Azure and Office 365 services, including ESUs for Windows 7. Applying ESU in offline maintenance mode generates an error and updates fail. Microsoft awards one year of support for Windows 7 after retirement to customers with active Windows 10 subscriptions. Of course, Microsoft doesn`t force anyone to buy ESU licenses or partner with cloud solution partners.

In fact, it`s likely that many companies will continue to run unsupported versions of Windows 7. Analytics firm NetApplications estimates that as of September 2019, about 35% of desktops are still running Windows 7. Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) customers with active subscriptions to Windows 10 E5, Microsoft 365 E5, and Microsoft 365 E5 Security can choose Windows 7 Extended Security for one year at no additional cost. This promotion runs from June 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. The promotion is available for E5 SKUs for government, but not for E5 SKEs for educational institutions, as mentioned in Microsoft`s End of Support FAQ document. (I learned of this action in a Computerworld article.) Microsoft announced last September that it would offer enterprises continuous security updates for Windows 7 for a fee until January 2023. Microsoft will no longer provide free Windows 7 security updates after January 14, 2020. At the time, Microsoft officials said that Windows 7`s paid Extended Security Updates (ESUs) are sold per device, with the price increasing every year. These ESUs are available to all Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise users with volume licensing agreements, and those with Windows Software Assurance and/or Windows 10 Enterprise or Education subscriptions receive a discount.